I spent 4 years in the U.S. Air Force....then 4 years in the U.S.ARMY RESERVE. 108TH COMBAT TRAINING DIVISION.. THEN 4 YEARS IN COMPANY C, 3RD BATTALION , 11TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP.... 1969 THRU 1985 ALL TOTAL... SEVERAL HONORABLE DISCHARGES.... here is this little twerp donald telling me that I should have never been in service at all..... some nerve from a person that went to military academy but never put on his nation's uniform at all.

Remember all those John Wayne movies (mostly westerns) that taught young boys that they should be like him? HE WAS TOUTED TO US AS THE PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHAT A MAN WAS. Geeks/ Nerds were just considered as (ODD) kids back in the 1950's . I was transgender then but it was a topic no one wanted to discuss with you... their cure was (just straighten out kid).

So....when the donald started his rants about the transgender people in the military he started a real fight with me...and now I will not turn loose of the fight unless two government vehicles pull up and men in dark suits and dark glasses tell me to stop or I will just disappear... it would take that to make me stop.


I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THE MOVIE FURY for about the 30th time when the donald character made is rant.... I decided to unleash the Wendy Fury upon him.....and I have never stopped.... Targets? the Alt-Right, repubs... rich friends of donald.. SELF-RIGHTEOUS RELIGIOUS RIGHT people and their pastors. I try to educate the Transgender Community on the survival techniques for living this life...since I am 67 years old and have lived transgender off and on for over 55 years. I KNOW HOW TO GET YOU THRU THIS LIFE ....and I never ran off to California for safety... I have lived in NC and Tennessee and fought the hard liner bible belt the whole time. MY FIGHT ON TWITTER AND MY POSTS ON FACE BOOK TELL THE STORY.... I Stand... I do not run.... and I score victory after hitting many variable targets. I will post some of my victories here....also let me mention i have never been banned from face book or twitter for my STAND-UP COMBAT against the forces of evil and ignorance.


(Not necessarily in order)

Multiple Mega hits upon the donald....the republican administration in office at present... the donald core base... the ignorant supporters of donald that hardly know why they support him or what he really does. The Republican swamp... the legislation both by Republican legislation and donald's Executive Orders. You will have to check my list of total tweets and face book posts in order to catch the important damage I have done to them..... this is not is challenging. not everyone is called to go do this. I know it is important and that is my motivation for doing it.... I have been a battering Ram for my generation and I hope to get our LGBTQ RIGHTS Secured before the next generation has to do what we failed to finish.... let us all do what we can ...thank you.


Trans Central Station