STRIP DOWN - You Can't Know Me
STRIP DOWN - You Can't Know Me

Strip Down - You Can't Know me Director: Elie Gregory Artistic Director: Daniel Stetich http://dani...


Shot in just one take – a new music video for the single, ‘You Can’t Know Me’ features an intimate portrait of Berlin-based electro-pop artist, Strip Down. The artist is unmasked from a sea of colour: baring themselves in an expression of vulnerability and strength. This landmark release will be the first publicly available recording featuring their voice since their transition began over 2 years ago. Marking a new chapter in their career, the raw and unapologetic exposure represents not just a release from imposed gender norms – but acknowledges the stains they leave behind.

The DIY, self concepted and directed video was shot in Strip Down's own bedroom (in front of a black blanket!) and was produced on a budget of less than 100 bucks with the help of friends - cinematographer Hannah Robinson and co-director Daniel Stetich. Together, they took an unfiltered approach to the video, filmed in reverse, as they explored the themes of identity, honesty and acceptance. The colour themes in this video are no accident - they are symbolic of the release that Strip Down felt throughout their physical transition and the complications that they found their own identity (non-binary trans-masculine) has in society.

British composer/producer Elie Gregory launched the project 'Strip Down' in 2012, whilst still presenting as female. Rapidly gaining attention, they appeared on the cover of Berlin’s legendary queer monthly Siegessäule Magazine, performed at much-loved Berlin venues ://about blank, Schwuz, and more. A collaboration with Canadian Filmmaker Patrick T.Lo resulted in the edgy music video for the track “Chez Moi” that went on to win the audience vote in its category at the Berlin Music Video Awards.

When starting their physical transition, Elie was ready to give up the project Strip Down as they were unsure if the effects of T their voice would result in them not being able to sing their own songs anymore. In fact, they found that the opposite happened. As they grew more comfortable with themselves and their own voice singing felt more authentic and became much more enjoyable. Elie then decided to revisit old tracks that had been abandoned and reproduce an album of songs featuring both their past and present voices - often singing an octave apart. Strip Down was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the pop funding body Musicboard Berlin to finish the album which they are planning to release late summer 2018.

Strip Down admits that although the this music video for the single 'You Can't Know Me' is extremely relevant and important to them, the song "isn't their favourite song on the album" - so make sure you follow, like and subscribe to Strip Down to make sure you don't miss the next releases and awesome music videos to come!


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