Leben in Grau: A 3D Animated Short Film

"Leben in Grau" - 3D Animated Short Film
"Leben in Grau" - 3D Animated Short Film

Eine gebeugte Gestalt durchschreitet eine düstere, schwarz-weiße Welt, bis sie schließlich ein mysteriöses Objekt findet, das alles verändert. A dejected per...

Transgender Universe

by Transgender Universe

The powerful film represents coming out of the darkness and discovering something within one’s self that is life changing. It contains stunning imagery and animation along with a mystifying soundtrack.

About David Schuster

Residing in Berlin, Germany, David Schuster had a passion for film and animation since the age of 14. In addition to making his own films, Schuster works as a freelancer doing camerawork, visual effects and animation. Leben in Grau took him four months to complete.


A dejected person is wandering through a dark world in black and white, until they find a mysterious object that changes everything.

A shortfilm by David Schuster.
Music by Dan Thiele.
Dance Choreography by Lisa Engel.



Trans Central Station