Beyond the Gender Binary: Yee Won Chong

Beyond the Gender Binary | Yee Won Chong | TEDxRainier
Beyond the Gender Binary | Yee Won Chong | TEDxRainier

Yee Won Chong shares a story about the challenges of navigating the world while transgender, and provides suggestions on being a good ally. Yee Won Chong con...

Transgender Universe

by Transgender Universe

He shares his story about growing up in Malaysia where being LGBT is punishable by caning. Chong also provides tips for using the bathroom that matches your gender identity, how to be a transgender ally and the troubles with the TSA and travel as a transgender male.

About Yee Won Chong

Yee Won Chong converts practical skills and experiences to train hundreds of grassroots activists on effective communication and fundraising for social, economic and environmental justice. He is currently Development Director at Western States Center, a regional non-profit that trains people to organize toward a just, equitable and democratic society. Before moving to the Northwest, he worked in Boston with United for a Fair Economy and Haymarket People’s Fund. He is also involved with Alternatives for Community and Environment, Resource Generation, Progressive Communicators Network, and Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training.

You can learn more about Lee Won Chong here.

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Yee Won Chong is a great motivational speaker and his story is inspiring. He gives 5 great tips on how to be a transgender ally. He also does a great job of pointing out the struggle our friends in other countries across the world have to endure. Our struggle is worldwide and we all need to help each other.


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