Transgender School Student Barred Locker Rooms During Active Shooter Drill

Stafford County Public Schools Administration BuildingPhoto: WUSA9

Bailey C.

The debate on what bathroom or locker room a transgender student should be allowed to use rages on. Transgender students are often barred from using the bathroom or locker room that matches how they identify. Last week in Stafford, Virginia, however, the debate went far beyond the idea of letting a transgender girl use the ladies’ room.

During an active shooter drill, an unnamed transgender student was left alone in her middle school’s gymnasium, simply because they couldn’t decide which locker room would be “appropriate” for her to hide in. The girl was left “exposed and vulnerable,” because the students were still separated by gender in the locker rooms, even at a time that would call for quick and decisive action to protect lives of students and staff. There would be absolutely no time to worry about what gender is in what room.

According to Equality Stafford, the local LGBTQ advocacy group, she had to watch the teachers consider where it would be best for the other students for her to be sheltered. She was seated on the bleachers, “away from her peers and identified as different.” When they couldn’t decide where to put her, they sent her into the hallway.

Some locals expressed anger and outrage towards the teachers’ senseless actions, as well as the pointless tactic of separating boys and girls in the event of an active shooter in the first place. Several locals have pledged to join Equality Stafford in protesting an upcoming school board meeting on Tuesday night. Stafford County Schools Spokeswoman Sherrie Johnson reportedly stated the superintendent has “requested review of all protocols and procedures to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect.”

“This is unacceptable, this cannot happen to one more child. Not one more in this county. Not ever again,” said Equality Stafford via Facebook.

Watch the local news report by WUSA9: