Transgender Cyclist Wins World Championship and Fights off Transphobic Critics

Rachel McKinnon (center)Photo: Twitter

Mila Madison

Canadian born cyclist, Dr. Rachel McKinnon, took home the gold at the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles, becoming the first transgender woman to ever win the event. McKinnon, who is also an assistant professor in the department of philosophy at South Carolina’s College of Charleston, had placed first in Sunday’s women’s sprint 35-44 age bracket.

After her historic win, McKinnon posted the news on Twitter with a caption that read “First transgender woman world champion...ever.”

McKinnon’s tweet received over a thousand replies, which included many that were hate filled and transphobic (Warning: transphobic comments below).

Mckinnon was having none of it however, as she fought back against her critics.

Transgender athlete Chris Mosier also came to McKinnon’s defense.

What the response to McKinnon’s victory shows is that a large portion of society is still uneducated when it comes to not only transgender people in sports, but also transgender people in general.