The Force Awakens the Internet for Laura Jane Grace

Transgender Universe

By Transgender Universe

The Against Me! lead singer and transgender advocate is a big fan of the franchise.

The photo sparked a back and forth between Grace and her fans on twitter, bringing up the idea to have her appear in Star Wars VIII. The official Star Wars twitter page took notice and had some fun with it, sparking fans to start a petition to have her appear in the next movie.

At the time of this article the petition has almost 7,000 signatures and is rapidly climbing. The frenzy has caused some positive responses from the fans. It also brought out some of the darkness as haters also took to twitter. Laura Jane was having none of it however.

Grace is currently in the studio with her band Against Me! recording a new record. It appears what had just started in fun has turned serious as it raises a great point. Why shouldn’t we have a transgender character in Star Wars?

Click here to sign the petition.

Mila Madison

I am not shy about saying I am a big fan of Laura Jane Grace. She makes being transgender so punk rock and is not afraid to be who she is. I can’t think of someone better to represent our community in the next Star Wars movie. It would also be a great way to stick it to the transphobic haters out there. What started out in fun is actually now a serious issue the way I see it. It would be a huge positive for our community to be represented in something of that magnitude. I signed the petition. Way to go Laura Jane! Keep fighting for us!