Republican Incumbent Using Anti-Transgender Tactics in Virginia Race

Transgender Universe

Things have turned ugly in the race for the House of Delegates seat in Virginia’s 13th district as challenger Roem faces the very real possibility of becoming the first openly transgender person seated in any state legislature in the United States. Her opponent, 13-term incumbent Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William County) has resorted to bigoted tactics, as he is being out-funded by a margin of 5-1.

“We're not going to let Del. Marshall and his anti-LGBTQ allies get away with this hate speech." - Danica Roem

According to Roem, the latest campaign attacks are coming from the American Principles Project, a group supporting Marshall that has launched a robocall campaign claiming that she “supports boys using the girls bathroom.” Her campaign is getting reports from residents who are receiving the anti-transgender robocalls. “I’ve now heard from three people that there is an anti-transgender robo push poll going out to homes in the 13th District right now demagoguing transgender kids that’s being used to attack me,” Roem posted on her Facebook page on Monday.

“We're not going to let Del. Marshall and his anti-LGBTQ allies get away with this hate speech,” Roem said as she also called out Marshall for using the same tactics in his fundraising campaigns. “The rhetoric mirrors the same anti-transgender crap Del. Bob Marshall (R-13) uses in his fundraising emails,” she wrote. She also responded via Twitter.

In the past, Marshall has refused to respect Roem’s gender identity and has repeatedly misgendered her when speaking with the press. He is also refusing to have a debate with her. The election takes place on November 7th.

See Danica Roem’s latest campaign ad below: