Transgender Universe

"Pose" is proof that trans people can play trans characters and be successful in Film and TV.

Janet Mock, who made history becoming the first black trans woman to direct an hour of television, addressed the Scarlett Johansson controversy Friday during a TCA panel for the FX drama.

"I haven't read the script for that film, but I do think that there are certain people who are able to tell all kinds of stories and others who don't have access even getting into those rooms. What I love so much about the existence of our show and our show getting a second season … we have new life to be able to show that a series can cast five trans women playing trans women and there's hundreds of other actors who come on for other smaller and background roles," Mock told reporters."It proves our show is just one possibility of how that trans people can play trans people onscreen and that it's completely possible and that you don't need a star name in order to make a series and to tell a story that's powerful and impactful and reaffirming."

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