LGBT Hate Group Sues Minnesota School District Over Transgender Restroom Policy

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by Transgender Universe

In the suit filed last Wednesday against the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Justice and Minnesota’s Virginia Public Schools, the ADF along with the families (filing under the name “Privacy Matters”), is claiming the policy disregards student privacy and safety. They also make the claim that Title IX, which protects students from discrimination based on their sex, does not cover gender identity. “Title IX and its implementing regulations do not use the term “gender identity,” or alternate terms referring to the same concept, such as “transgender,” or “transsexual,” states the filing.


Neither the students nor the parents in the lawsuit are named other than Parents A, B and C or Plantiffs (students) A, B and C as the parties are fearful of repercussions or being labeled as bigots. The lawsuit claims that a male to female transgender student, known as “Student X” in the filing, was seen dancing suggestively, or “twerking” in the women’s locker room. They also claim the transgender student lifted her skirt to reveal her underwear while dancing. The filing also states the transgender student asked one of the cisgender students about her bra size and if she would “switch body parts” with her. The families along with the ADA are claiming the school district’s policies along with what took place in the locker room are a violation of their religious liberties and strongly held “moral beliefs.” The suit states, “All Student Plaintiffs have sincere religious or moral beliefs that they must practice modesty.” The parents are also mentioned in the lawsuit citing “All Parent Plaintiffs have sincere religious or moral beliefs about bodily privacy and sexual modesty that informs how they raise their children and the values they instill in their children.” Some of the students claim they are now afraid to go to school while others are complaining about having to use facilities on the other side of their school to avoid the situation. Also, some of the students are complaining that they are afraid to use the restroom at all and that they are having bladder issues from “holding it in” all day long.

The lawsuit misgenders the transgender student throughout the filing by using male pronouns and referring to her as a boy. The also expressed their dissatisfaction with a community education meeting the school held regarding its LGBT policies, “The District also sponsored a community education meeting for parents which some Student and Parent Plaintiffs attended, including Parent A and Girl Plaintiff A.” The filing went on to say, “Again, the focus was on the LGBT community, promotion of the Policy, and the message that any objection to the Policy is intolerant, bigoted, and bullying against students who profess a gender identity incongruent with their sex.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom’s mission is “To keep the doors open for the gospel by advocating for religious liberty, sanctity of life and marriage and the family.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has said that “The ADF has a record of sharp anti-gay bigotry and today, the group is increasingly committed to international anti-LGBT work.” The ADF is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which raises almost $50 million dollars for their agenda annually.

Mila Madison
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Yes, this is real. It is hard to believe because it sounds so ridiculous. Being afraid to use the restrooms? “Holding it in” all day? Welcome to trans life ladies. We deal with this every day. I cannot imagine this lawsuit will go anywhere, but in today’s climate, who really knows? This news is making its way through all the anti-transgender news rag organizations as they are all falling in line on this one. So are they just as outraged when the cis girls are dancing or “twerking” in the locker room? Do cis girls not discuss bra size or that they wish they we as well endowed as the other? Their real problem is that a trans girl is doing it and that they see her as a boy in the locker room. Good job by the parents on this one for sticking to those religious texts that say they should hate transgender people. Where does the bible say that again?