I am Cait Gets Canceled by the E! Network

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by Transgender Universe

The announcement became official on Tuesday after much speculation as to whether or not the show would be renewed. Caitlyn Jenner broke the news herself on twitter.


The E! Network released a statement saying they were “incredibly proud” of the show, which was “a groundbreaking docu-series that sparked an important and unprecedented global conversation about transgender people, their struggles and triumphs.” They also stated that the move to cancel the show was mutual between the two parties. “Caitlyn and E! have mutually decided not to move forward with another season at this time. She will always remain a part of the E! family, and we look forward to continue following her journey as she appears on Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the network said.

In its two year run, the show featured Candis Cayne, Jenny Boylan, Chandi Moore, Zackary Drucker, Kate Bornstein, Ella Giselle and Jennifer Richards (Season1) as they traveled the country trying to spread transgender awareness while helping Jenner with her own personal journey. The show was the subject of much debate in the transgender community as many felt Jenner was not a good representation of the struggles they face.

The show featured controversial issues such as Houston’s HERO law, religion and politics, where Jenner often tangled with her friends over her Republican views. Ratings began to dwindle in season two as the show was unable to gain traction with not only the transgender community, but fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians despite appearances by members of Jenner’s family.

Jenner has not said what she will be doing next, however she is looking forward to the “next adventure” in her life as she continues her transition.

Mila Madison
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Well we would be lying if we said we didn’t see this one coming. Though I know many of us were split on Caitlyn Jenner and the show, I personally thought Jenny Boylan and Chandi Moore were excellent. They are the real deal as far as I am concerned and they have been true activists for our community even before the show as they continue to be today. I think the problem with “I am Cait” was that they were trying too hard to capture the flare of the Kardashians instead of making it something unique to itself. That is the problem with reality TV however. It doesn’t seem to work without arguments and controversy, which were not necessary for the Jenner show. The problem for us as a community when represented in TV and Film is that trans part of the people in them is usually the selling point. It almost gives it a circus mentality of “look at the trans person.” We won’t be normalized until we are cast as real people who happen to also be transgender. It shouldn’t be the only thing. It would also be good to see more transgender people cast in cisgender roles. The “I am Cait” show had an opportunity to really represent the transgender community for all its diversity, however in the end it fell short. Also, where were the trans guys?