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Nino Fortson was shot multiple times after having an apparent argument early Sunday morning.

The shooting happened just before 2:00 AM near Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway. Atlanta Police were at a traffic stop when they heard gunshots coming from Woods Drive. They found Fortson had suffered from multiple gunshot wounds when they arrived at the scene to investigate.

Fortson was taken to Grady Hospital where he died from his wounds.

Witnesses had told police that they had heard a commotion shortly before shots rang out.

According to a report by Project Q Atlanta, another witness at the scene said Fortson had pulled out a gun and fired it into the air while having an altercation with two men and two women. The witness walked away, but later heard more gunshots fired and saw Fortson on the ground while a man was limping away from the scene.

According to Monica Roberts of Transgriot, initial reporting by local affiliate CBS 46 had misgendered Fortson, who had yet to be properly identified.

There are currently no suspects in the case, and the Atlanta Police Department is asking for anyone who has any information regarding the case to call Atlanta Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477)

Fortson was a member of Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ ballroom community, and was also known as Nino Blahnik and Nino Starr. He becomes the 10th transgender person to be murdered in 2018.

Rest in Power Nino Fortson!