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The bodies of 28-year-old Zakaria Fry and 70-year-old roommate Eugene Ray were found on the side of the road in the town of Stanley, which is 45 miles east of Albuquerque.

According to a report by the Albuquerque Journal, a rancher had found Fry’s body stuffed in a garbage bin on February 19th. Ray’s body was found just a few miles away. Police confirmed their identities on Tuesday and they are currently investigating their deaths as a double homicide.

Fry was renting from Ray when they both went missing in mid-January. Ray’s family alerted police after the home was found in “disarray”. They were unaware that Ray was renting out a room in his house. Fry’s family reported her missing after not hearing from her. Brittany Willis, Fry’s sister did not know how long Fry had lived in the home.

Willis said Fry was a “fun-spirited, loving person and her family is saddened by how her life has been cut short.’” She also said Fry had a 3-year-old Chihuahua-mix named Tinker Bell that she never went anywhere without. The dog has yet to be found.

On Monday, Albuquerque Police arrested 32-year-old James Knight (also known as Charles Spiess), 32, and charged him with two counts of murder and tampering with evidence. They connected Knight to the murders after he used one of Ray’s stolen credit cards and was also reported to have been seen driving Ray’s silver Mustang.

Authorities are asking anyone who has information regarding the case to contact Crime Stoppers at 505-843-7867.

Rest in Power Zakaria Fry!