Her Name Was Shantee Tucker

Shantee Tucker(Photo: Facebook)

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Police had found Tucker on the 4300 block of Old York Road just after 1:00 AM. She was lying in the road having suffered from a gunshot wound to the back. Tucker was taken to Temple University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead five hours later.

According to Philadelphia Homicide Capt. John Ryan, Tucker was said to have been seen arguing with a person in a black pickup truck. Police believe that the driver shot her in the back as she was running away. Eight fired 9mm cartridge casings were also found at the scene. The police also believe that Tucker knew the shooter.

Tucker had just recently celebrated her birthday on September 2nd.

Capt. Ryan stated that the black pickup truck in question was known to have been frequently seen in the area of Old York Road, but he declined to elaborate further as the investigation is ongoing. The older-model truck had no tailgate and had items in the truck bed, Ryan also said. The police are currently still looking for the people who were in the vehicle.

A friend of Tucker's, Tatyana Woodard, said in a phone interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer that Tucker "was a very genuine person, a very real person, down-to-earth." She also said that Tucker had worked in a beauty-supply store in North Philadelphia.

The police are asking anyone who has any information about the shooting to call the Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit at 215- 686-3334 or 215-686-TIPS (8477).

Tucker becomes the 19th known transgender person to be murdered in 2018.

Shantee Tucker(Photo: Facebook)

Rest in power Shantee Tucker!

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She wasn't killed because she was trans

"Asked if Tucker's gender might have had anything to do with the crime, Ryan said he didn't think so. "She wasn't targeted because of her gender affiliation or lifestyle," he said."

The police say it had nothing to do with that.