Sasha Wall(Photo: Facebook)

Transgender Universe

According to law enforcement, Sasha Wall was found by passing motorists on Sunday morning as she was slumped over her car’s steering wheel. The engine of the vehicle was still running and stopped in the middle of a rural road in Chesterfield County.

Sheriff Jay Brooks told FOX 46 that several people had passed by Wall’s car on the way to morning church services before someone pulled over and tapped on the window after noticing the car was still running. The motorist proceeded to call 911 after finding Wall to be unresponsive.

Wall was both deadnamed and misgendered in the reporting of the incident by both Sheriff Jay Brooks and FOX 46. Investigators also referred to Wall as a “known crosssdresser.” To date, no correction to the reporting has been issued.

According to Sheriff Brooks, Wall died from several gunshot wounds and investigators believe the shooter was sitting in the passenger seat next to her. “Whoever killed her, they were furious,” Brooks stated to the press. He also claimed that it appeared as though the killer had known Wall.

The homicide is currently being investigated by the local sheriff’s office and state law enforcement officials. There are currently no suspects in the case.

Authorities claim they do not have enough evidence to rule the homicide as a hate crime. According to her family members, Wall had problems with past boyfriends, and it was likely that her death was likely related to her gender identity.

Wall is being remembered by people on social media as someone who was very kind and who always fought for justice.

She becomes the eighth transgender person to be murdered in 2018.

Rest in power Sasha Wall!