Her Name Was Celine Walker

Celine Walker(Photo: Facebook)

Transgender Universe

Celine Walker, 36, was found murdered at around 8:00 PM in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday, February 4th.

The news came to light thanks to a report on Friday by Monica Roberts of TransGriot after original reports had misgendered Walker. According to Roberts, The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is claiming that Walker was misgendered because they have a policy that does not refer to victims as transgender.

Walker, who is from Brandon, Florida, had lived a “low key life where she did whatever needed to be done in order for her to survive,” said her friend Naomi Michaels. She is asking others to contact the Jacksonville media to make them aware of the misgendering of Walker. “There are several parts of this story that disturb me very much. One is that Jacksonville is home to some of the most amazingly talented Transwomen I know. That being said you’d think that this city could have some type of policy for dealing with the death and murder of transpeople. They don’t,” Michaels also said.

Police were searching the area for suspects and no additional information has been reported at this time.

Celine Walker is now one of 4 transgender people who have been murdered in 2018.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

Rest in Power Celine Walker!