Get Ready to Strut – A Transgender Reality Series

Transgender Universe

By Transgender Universe

The show features Slay Model Management, the world’s first transgender modeling agency as it follows the careers of some of their top clients. It chronicles their daily struggles trying to make it in the modeling world while dealing with life, relationships and being transgender.

“Our models come from all walks of life; all different backgrounds and ethnicities. They are struggling with things we can all relate to, trying to make ends meet, fighting to make a name for themselves and navigating the minefields of personal relationships,” said Goldberg in a press release. “All of these struggles are amplified by the fact that they are also fighting to break down barriers and taking on the responsibility of representing the transgender community in today’s society. It’s time to separate caricature from real people, and that’s what we are doing with Strut.”

The cast includes Isis King (America’s Next Top Model), Laith De La Cruz, Dominique Jackson, Ren Spriggs and Arisce Wanzer. The show makes its debut on the OxygenNetwork Tuesday, September 20th at 9 p.m. EST/PST.

Watch the trailer for “Strut” below: