Fans Unfurl Giant Banner in Support of Transgender Rights at World Series

Photo: CBS Los AngelesTwitter

Mila Madison

The fans unfurled the massive banner during the deciding game between the Boston Red ßox and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger stadium. The banner was a giant transgender flag that read “TRANS PEOPLE DESERVE TO LIVE” as it hung from the left field stands.

The group of fans were from the Los Angeles based TransLatin@ Coalition, an organization that fights for the rights of the transgender Latinx community. Though the banner wasn’t shown on the FOX news live broadcast, images and videos of the flag are making their rounds on social media.

“I hope that this action will motivate members of the trans community, our allies and our comrades to really activate and to really understand that we have power,” Bamby Salcedo, the president of the organization, told the website Into. “We can demonstrate our power anywhere and everywhere.”

The group posted a video on their Facebook page showing them unfurling the banner.

It was unclear how the group was able to get the banner through the stadiums security.

“I felt my heart was dropping along with it,” said Salcedo. “I was kind of exploding because of the adrenaline. You don’t know what’s going to happen with the police and security and all of that.”

By the way, the Red Sox beat the Dodgers by the score of 5-1 to win the World Series. It was also a big win for transgender awareness.