Democrats Declaring Victory For Transgender Candidate in Colorado House Race

Brianna TitonePhoto:

Mila Madison

After a historic election night in Colorado on November 6th, when Jared Polis became the first openly gay governor to be elected in the United Sates, Brianna Titone is declaring victory in a tight and yet unofficially decided state house race.

At the time of this reporting, votes are still being counted in Colorado’s District 27 state house race, with Titone widening her narrow lead against Republican opponent Vicki Pyne by a margin of 50.37% to 49.63%.


An official victory by Titone would make her the 4th transgender legislator to be elected in the United States, joining Danica Roem (Virginia), Gerri Cannon (New Hampshire), and Lisa Bunker (New Hampshire).

As of Friday evening, Titone had a lead of 196 votes; however at the time of this report, that lead has grown to 368 votes. Titone posted to Twitter to thank her supporters.

In an interview with Colorado Public Radio, Titone said transgender issues weren’t the focus of her campaign, but she realizes the significance of a transgender person winning a state house seat in today’s political climate.

"It’s significant in the fact that we’re really trying to further acceptance and equality for people like me," she said. "With the federal government trying to put people like me under their foot, this is a really significant win."

When asked about the current administration’s plan to erase transgender identities and the trending hashtag #WeWontBeErased, Titone responded, "but we will be elected."