Christine Hallquist Becomes First Ever Transgender Nominee for Governor

Democratic Gebernatorial Candidate Christine HallquistPhoto: CALEB KENNA / REUTERS

Transgender Universe

By Mila Madison

Christine Hallquist will be facing off against Republican Incumbent Phil Scott in the Vermont Governor’s race this November. On Tuesday evening, she beat out James Ehlers, Brenda Siegel, and 14 year old (there is no age requirement to run for governor in Vermont) Ethan Sonneborn. At the time of this reporting, Hallquist has been declared the winner with 48.3% of the vote and 99% of all precincts reporting in.

The former CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative, Hallquist, 62, will now set her sights on the November election. She has set ambitious goals, which she calls her “Bold Plan” to fix the numerous broadband service problems in Vermont and raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. Another goal of her campaign is to accelerate construction of new, affordable housing, and she plans to make it a top priority. She also favors an aggressive strategy to combat climate change, universal healthcare, and an absolute commitment to civil rights.

“Vermonters are going to elect me for what I'm going to do for Vermont," Hallquist had told CBS News. "Vermont has always been a leader in civil rights. We have some of the best transgender protection laws in the country. It's a state that's really welcomed me with open arms."

Vermont Democratic gubernatorial nominee Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman and former electric company executive, applauds with her supporters during her election night party in Burlington, Vt.PHOTO: CHARLES KRUPA / AP