Christian Hate Group Falls Flat in Boycotting H&M Campaign

One Million Moms, a Christian activist group, experienced a failure of epic proportions while trying to wage a culture war with retailer H&M and the transgender community.

By Transgender Universe


According to a report by Pink News, the group took issue with H&M’s new “She’s a Lady” ad campaign. “1MM is not sure of H&M clothing company’s thought process behind their new television ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers and families, they have succeeded,” said the group. “H&M’s newest ‘She’s A Lady’ commercial includes what appears to be a man dressed as a woman in one segment, another woman wearing skimpy lingerie and ends with two teenage girls kissing while underwater.”

The group was trying to pressure supporters to join an email campaign to make the retailer pull their advertisement, calling the commercial “disgusting” while condemning their marketing strategy. “(The) H&M Marketing Team may have thought this type of advertising was politically correct, but not only is it disgusting and confusing for children, it is pushing the LBGT agenda,” the group also said.

But here is where it gets interesting. A blogger named JoeByGod quickly pointed out that by doing a quick Google search, the hate group would have realized the “man dressed like a woman” was actually Female Champion Muay Thai Boxer Fatima Pinto, and she is cisgender. Where it gets more interesting is that the ad quickly shows model Hari Nef, who really is transgender, but the hate group didn’t notice.


And if this story couldn’t get any better, the One Million Moms group is nowhere near the size of one million people. It was also discovered that the group is an offshoot of the well-known hate group the American Family Association. A group that is predominately made up of cisgender men. The One Million Moms group currently has about 3,500 twitter followers and they are almost all cisgender men as well. They are no strangers to boycotts however, as they have recently boycotted the Muppets (yes those Muppets), McDonalds, Fruit of the Loom and Rue 21.

You can watch H&M’s “She’s a Lady” ad below, and if you ask us here at Transgender Universe, everyone looks absolutely fabulous in the video.