Chaz Bono in American Horror Story S6

Jude Samson

By Jude Samson

If you’ve already seen it then you may have noticed our very own Chaz Bono making some grizzly appearances in this episode. Murphy and Co. like to keep things under lock-and-key so it’s hard to tell where Bono will go from here within the story arc but there seems to be the impression that this is not the last we will see of him.

Mom, Cher, tweeted out to her son how happy she was of him on his appearance in the show.

Landing a gig on the series seems to have brought many others good luck and repeated use in other Ryan Murphy productions, who is on a prolific hot-streak – you should call him Ryan Midas instead because everything this man touches seems to turn to television gold.

American Horror Story Season 6 takes us along the lost colony of Roanoke journey, or one that Murphy and Crew have dreamt up in their nightmares. While the history of the colony is truly unknown it is a historical event that took place and definitely worth a little brushing up on. For entertainment’s sake, however, it’s without a doubt that Murphy is about to take us on one wild ride. While some have felt Season 5 petered out and that this season may be too top-heavy with too many stars all vying for screen time we cannot doubt Ryan Murphy’s creative genius.

So join us in watching the series and cheering on Chaz through whatever sordid story that’s about to unfold.