California Bathroom Ballot Initiative Fails

Transgender Universe

by Transgender Universe

According to the Associated Press, backers of the California ballot initiative that would force transgender citizens to use the restroom that matches the sex they were assigned at birth has failed. According to the report they failed to get the 365,880 signatures needed to get the initiative on the November 2016 ballot.

The initiative, which was led by a group called “Privacy for All”, proposed a requirement of gender reassignment surgery to grant a transgender person access to a bathroom that matched their identity.

They also put the following statement on their website.

“Today is the day that Privacy For All should be submitting the signatures required to qualify the Personal Privacy Protection Act for the November 2016 ballot. Unfortunately we fell short of the signatures needed.
While we are extremely disappointed, we know that we gave this effort our best and “left it all on the field”.
Please be encouraged that throughout this we’ve educated many new churches on their role in the political arena, equipped churches to share this message with their members, registered new voters, and educated the public on this issue. Though we didn’t reach our ultimate goal, much was accomplished. You can be proud of that.”

Highlights of the ballot proposal included a $4,000 reward for anyone who catches a transgender person in the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Rick Zbur, the Executive Director of Equality California stated, “it gives incentives to people to self-monitor bathrooms and accost people who are coming out and allows individuals to make subjective determinations about whether someone looks adequately masculine or feminine.”

The group organized in response to 2013’s AB 1266, which allows students to choose which gendered facility to use.

Mila Madison

I am elated that the “Privacy for All” group failed in their initiative. They want privacy for all except for all those who are transgender. This is a hate group and the worst part is they rally churches into the political arena. The citizens of California stood up for their values by not signing the ballot petition. Though I see these bathroom issues as ridiculous as they cannot be enforced and are ultimately unconstitutional, the actions of these uneducated people can be scary. I must have missed the part in the bible where Jesus beat up on others that were not like him or called on his followers to judge everyone. Anyway congratulations to California and keep on fighting these evil people.