FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Andrew Hopkins 07/09/2018 Gayhub Launches…


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Andrew Hopkins 07/09/2018 Gayhub Launches LGBT YouTube Alternative

Westlake Village, CA-- Gayhub is an all-new social media platform that combats the censorship found in other mainstream sites and seeks to address it once and for all creators of gay media and entertainment have come together to launch Gayhub, the first social media and video platform to cater specifically to the gay community.

An estimated 100,000 LGBT content creators have been affected by YouTube’s content and advertising policies. YouTube, Facebook, and other video content platforms are being called out for silencing the voices of LGBT talent and personalities. Gayhub is a safe space where anyone can upload any LGBT oriented content to their fans without fear of being ghosted or demonetized. Gayhub went live earlier in June by partnering with over a dozen “gaylebrities” to create videos for a gay audience. These Gaylebrities include Ongina from Ru Paul’s Drag Race who presents “The Ongina Monologues”, adult film stars Dolf Dietrich, Wesley Woods, and Brad Kalvo, YouTube sensations Davey Wavey and Buck Hollywood, our favorite trans star Cassandra from Oxygen’s ‘Strut’ and Showtime’s ‘Wild Things’, and Cory Wade, formerly from America’s Next Top Model.

Fans can expect to get the latest tips in hair and makeup from Ongina, gay travel tips and political satire from Dolf Dietrich, hit the streets with Wesley Woods to get the tea, and so much more content that is witty, engaging, and totally gay.

Here is a clip from our Trans Gaylebrities Cassandra Cass & Maria Roman and clips of their Showtime Network Documentary, Trantasia, now on Gayhub!

Gayhub presents itself in a fun, colorful, and exciting way as to not take itself too seriously. Gayhub is where your voice and ideas can find new life. We encourage all to come by and experience the bubbly, lighthearted, and sexy magic that is Gayhub. If you feel you have what it takes to command audience engagement and have something to get off your chest, sign up to be a “Gaylebrity” here—