Underworks Compression Tank Review

Jude Samson

by Jude Samson

I had been putting off getting a binder because I’m really particular about what I want in one, so I’m going to give a quick review here addressing the points that I was searching for. If there’s something you want to know more about that I haven’t addressed, be sure to leave me a comment.

First and foremost, I want to point out that this is a compression tank and not a traditional binder. The difference is generally how tight the compression is wherein a binder provides significant compression, while a compression tank isn’t as tight. These are really optimal for those with smaller chests or for those who need some level of compression but cannot risk the extra constriction from binders, such as those prone to breathing issues (i.e. asthma). It’s also very useful for those who are very physical throughout the day and need that little extra compression, but can’t go all day with tight binding.

Image: Underworks

SHIPPING/RECEIVING: They had the item in the mail the day I ordered it (I placed the order around 9 or 10 AM) and I received an email with the tracking number that day. I received the item on the second day and that was with just regular ground shipping – I didn’t order the expedited shipping. There’s no guarantee that every order will be processed and delivered that promptly, but I can’t help but be impressed with the turn-around speed.

SIZING: I fit right into an XL according to the sizing chart and it seems pretty accurate if you properly measure yourself and use the right chart. Don’t figure you’re really something else or guess at your size. It’s imperative that you properly measure yourself according to their instructions and use the size that correlates to those measurements. Don’t assume that if you’re on the borderline you should order on the tighter/smaller end or if you want really tight compression you should order a size down. This company is pretty spot-on with how they size and measure. Still, always read the reviews for any of their products as you will usually find helpful tips from others on how to handle the sizing.

COMPRESSION: It compresses nicely and keeps it compressed through a lot of movement for a long day. Once in a while, if I’ve been doing a lot of bending and running, I may have to readjust things inside the binder but we’re talking a very physical job with animals, so one adjustment a day isn’t bad in my book. I wish it would compress further but then again, this is a compression tank, not a full-on binder. It’s not as difficult to pull on like most binders as it’s not as restrictive and there is some stretch in the material. It says the butt and love handles get a little compression too and I would say “little” is all it does if any.

BREATHING: The compression is great and I don’t feel smothered or breathless. I did notice, however, after some stuff at work I was getting a little tight chest feeling like I used to get when I was smoking. If I stop for a moment, stand up straight, and take a few deep breaths it goes away. Again, this was after some pretty laborious work so your standard use during a normal day should leave you with no issues.

SWEATING: I did notice some increased sweating down the spine when I was hustling. I don’t normally sweat when I’m rushing a bit at work, but I did notice some this time when I wore it on cooler days and, obviously, more sweating on hotter days. However, it does tend to wick the sweat away. If you naturally sweat more heavily, then just be aware of this, although a full binder will create even more sweat so this may be a more comfortable option for you.

ROLLING/MOBILITY: I have a big issue with binders rolling up on me so I picked this one because it was much longer. I’m around 5’4 and it was a little long in that it can stretch down to the end of my thighs. Naturally laying it’s around the mid-to-top thigh. I specifically opted for this longer version so that it tucks into my jeans and stays there against all kinds of lifting and movement. Even for taller people, I’m sure the length would work out very well and still remain tucked into your pants.

Overall I really enjoy this compression shirt and have worn it numerous times. As with anything that’s constrictive it does get looser over time, but so far it has remained pretty consistent with keeping things well in place without true binding.


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