Unconditional Love: Journey with our Transgender Child

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Unconditional Love:

Journey with our Transgender Child

The story is told by Christy Hegarty. She talks about her experiences raising her transgender daughter for TEDxBloomington.


“We live our truths through our hearts and our minds, not through the parts that we use or the clothes that we wear.” says Hegarty as she discusses her daughter’s courage in her pursuit to live her truth. Hegarty also discusses her experience supporting her child and how it changed her perspective on how she views life. She states why it is so important that we accept who our children are and why we need to support them. The reaction from the crowd is truly heartwarming.


Through her own parenting experience, Christy Hegarty has become an advocate for families with transgender children. During her talk at TEDxBloomington, Hegarty shares what she has learned as the mother of a transgender child. She explores the concept that we should be able to accept that our children may be different than we expect them to be and that we should not be afraid to allow them to express themselves. She challenges us to consider the idea that human evolution is more about being human than it is about being a gender and the important role acceptance plays in our evolving world. An artist, Hegarty describes her art as a great ‘side gig’ to her most important job, being a mom. In pursuit of a degree in studio art and education, Hegarty graduated with a B.A. from Denison University, where she met her husband Boyd, a Bloomington native. Hegarty currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband, three children, a golden retriever, and 9 chickens.

Christy Hegarty is an amazing mom! This video just got to us and we really wanted to share it. I would like to send this to one to Dawn. She is of our readers who is also an amazing mother and we want her to know that Transgender Universe is here to support her. If the world had more mothers like Christy and Dawn it would be a much better place. We salute them and send our love.


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