Transgender Universe

By Transgender Universe

The show chronicles the journey of Ben Lehwald as he copes with the fact his father Charlie is now a transgender female. With Charlie now known as Carly, Ben searches out to figure out how to reconcile his father’s journey while simultaneously figuring out his place in the world. As the series begins, his girlfriend Danielle is also dealing with the transition of her own father.

The show also deals with Ben’s parent’s divorce, an ex-wife who is bitter about the transition and Carly who no longer wishes to be called Dad. Ben turns to his friends including one named Lathan who though quite odd makes the story more interesting.

Admittedly we were not enamored with Ben at the beginning of this story but his evolution is worth the watch, especially for those who are transitioning and may be having some issues with their children coping. There are some insights to gain from checking out the series. The real star of the show from our perspective is Carly and her journey.

Though Becoming Us may not be winning any awards in the near future we feel it is worth the watch as it is an interesting journey. There is no news if the show will be picked up for a 2nd season. We will let you know if it is. The show is produced by a group lead by Ryan Seacrest and is an interesting watch. Full episodes are available on


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