Transgender Regret: Fact or Fiction?

Mila Madison

With the world battling over transgender rights and bathroom access, it would only be a matter of time before the transgender regret story starts to make it’s rounds on the internet again.

For those of you who do not know the “Laura Jensen” story, it is the tale of Walt Heyer, a man who transitioned to female and became Laura Jensen for 8 years then transitioned back. Upon transitioning back, Heyer found religion and made it his life’s work to try and prove being transgender is a mental disorder. Heyer claims he was tricked into thinking he was transgender by Gender Therapist Paul Walker. He claims the cause of being transgender is early childhood trauma and that over 20% of those who transition end up regretting it. He also relates the 41% transgender suicide rate to transition regret.


In Heyer’s case, his experiences may very well have been due to childhood trauma. In his own book he recalls how at around the age of ten, his grandmother would dress him up in a purple chiffon dress. He could not recall whether it was of his asking or forced upon by his grandmother. Heyer also described how he was abused by his uncle for years as a child. He would cross dress throughout his life to take refuge from the personal pressures of his past.

Laura Jensen - Walt Heyer 

Heyer would later marry with the hope it would make his metal anguish of his past go away. It would not. He would later find a way to obtain female hormones, though he admitted they did nothing for him. He would also have breast augmentation surgery. He would do all this by somehow circumventing the WPATH standards of care. In his book he would describe his alternate personalities of “Christal” and “Andrea”. He would even go as far as sighting how their eating habits and handwriting were different. He cited how Andrea wanted to be a woman and how Walt wanted to remain a man. Heyer also described how he would lie about his condition in order to obtain surgery. Eventually he was able to obtain his letter for surgery even though he was not living full time as a woman. His plan was to live a dual life as both Andrea and Walt.

Upon completing surgery he would change his name to yet another personality, Laura Jensen. Two years post surgery he began to realize he was “man wrapped in a woman’s masquerade, a fake, a fraud, a mutilated man” according to his book. He would then finally seek psychotherapy to sort out his issues. It was at this time that Heyer would be diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder). He would transition back to being Walt six years later.

Heyer would become a “born again” Christian. He would go on to make it his life’s work to disprove the existence of gender dysphoria and surgery as a treatment. He has since written many books on the subject and his story has since been propagated by anti-transgender advocates.


The truth about Heyer is this, he was never transgender. He never suffered from gender dysphoria. He suffered from dissociative identity disorder and early childhood trauma due to abuse by his uncle and grandmother. He found a way to circumvent the standards of care. All he has done is proven the need for such standards.

Heyer claims he was tricked into thinking he was transgender. Through his own story it seems it was the other way around. It seems he went to great lengths to trick others into thinking he was transgender. There is no association with early childhood trauma and being transgender. I would recommend you check out The Origins of the Transgender Condition and The Origins of Transgender: Hormones and Gender Identity if you want the actual facts presented by real scientists.

Heyer’s 20% regret figure has been literally pulled out of thin air. As someone who is active in the transgender community, I have yet to meet someone who has transition regret. The only regrets we ever have is if it is worth the hate and lack of acceptance we receive from society. These prejudices in society are promoted by people like Heyer. He cites himself, Marissa Dainton and Renee Richards as examples of transgender regret. In Dainton’s case she was convinced to de-transition after finding religion and ultimately transitioned back. In the case of Renee Richards, she has repeatedly stated she does not regret her transition. This does not stop Heyer from perpetuating his agenda.

Regarding the 41% suicide rate that Heyer claims is the result of transition regret, he cannot be more wrong. The 41% suicide rate is due to the pressures of society and lack of acceptance. Because of people like Heyer, misinformation is spread and we are treated like we have mental disorders. The truth is that gender dysphoria is a physical condition. Any mental issues are a result of that physical condition. The facts are that Walt Heyer does not and never did have this condition. His hateful work contributes to the 41% statistic, not transgender regret.

Walt Heyer is sick man who believes his own personal experience is the same as those who are transgender. He could not be further from the truth. His claims have been debunked many times as fiction. There are no facts in what he says other than his own personal experience. If you want to know more about his view you can read his books. I will not give them credence here. For almost a decade now, Heyer’s story has been used by anti-transgender groups as a way to spread misinformation and divide our society. It is now making the rounds on Facebook and the Internet as if it were something new. What does it say when society would rather believe a man with dissociative identity disorder than accept actual science? Unfortunately people are taking his story as factual, but in the case of Heyer’s claims, the reality is that it is fiction.

Stay safe and keep fighting for all of us!

Love and peace,

Mila Madison


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