Jahn Westbrook

By jahn westbrook

I was immediately entranced, very fitting adjective given the musical stylings of this group.

Mick Cox, as near as I can tell, was the sole musician creating the music. He was an multi talented musician exploring genres from rock to rave to electronic. It is evident he absolutely adored the medium. His passion for music is alive in every note recorded. He had the ability to entertain, as well as make you introspect with his skillful use of the psychology of music.

Transgender Nation is a wonderful salvo of musical soundscapes, dance style, electronic, and house music. It is absolutely free to listen to on their YouTube channel Transgender Nation Music. Combining funky computer graphics, these beats get you moving, meditating, and feeling mellow.

Their End of the Night Mix has a delightful groove that is impossible to sit still and listen to.


The following piece is from the album music to orbit Earth -An instrumental journey colliding dance with trance:


I highly recommend checking out this channel. The opus of work is limited by the time Mick Cox remained on Earth. Mick Cox, sadly passed away in 2013 of lung cancer, a disease associated with smoking, of which Mick never obliged.

Transgender Nation is nestled across the pond, nestled somewhere in the United Kingdom. I could find little more about the members of this mysterious group. I imagine them scurried away somewhere within the hidden corners of the matrix. I await the next proffering of mind expanding musical satisfaction.


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