Transgender Universe

By Transgender Universe

Produced by CNN FilmsRaising Ryland,” is an intimate look at parenting with no strings attached. This short film focuses on the transgender experience as lived by a 6-year-old and his two loving parents. This first-hand account showcases the power of love amid unexpected change. Directed by Sarah Feeley

Ryland’s story chokes me up every time I watch this video. On one hand I feel so bad when I think of all the tough things Ryland will have to go through. On the other side of it I think about how lucky he is to know who he is at such a young age and how lucky he is to have the parents he has. It always amazes me that a child could understand their identity with such clarity at that age and it took someone like myself so long to have the courage and deal with it. I wish I was as strong as Ryland is at 6 years old. It sums up why Transgender Universe exists. We want to get these stories out and help people understand who we are. If we all do that right we can change the world to help them realize we are just like everyone else.


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