The Insecurities of Being Transgender

Our Deepest Insecurities Being Trans
Our Deepest Insecurities Being Trans

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Transgender Universe

by Transgender Universe

The video stars Rocco Kayiatos, D’Loco Kid, Jen Richards, Jazzmun Nichcala Crayton, Drian, Oliver Fuara, Jennicet and Kean O’Brien.

Mila Madison – | Twitter | Email

We can all identify with some of the stories in this video. For many of us, we have to deal with it every day. I am sure everyone has insecurities, but for most people they don’t run the risk of violence if those insecurities become truth. For those of us who are transgender there is just more at stake. I think Jen Richards is right. What is different for us is that we have to often be aware of what everyone is thinking, including what we are thinking. It is not necessarily that we care about someone else’s opinion, but what they are thinking can affect us if they are looking to chastise or hurt us. Our own thoughts may trigger a dysphoria moment. It is just different for us. Most people take for granted the fact that they can just pass as “normal” in society. We have to be careful. So if you feel these insecurities, know that you are not alone. We are all in this together.


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