Disclaimer: Some of the STP devices are specifically made to look like a penis either in generalized shape or in explicit details. As such, you should be aware that any images or links contained herein could be considered NSFW and may not be appropriate for younger members of our community.

Cis men take for granted their ability to urinate while standing or being able to find a place to relieve themselves virtually anywhere. The trans man has to learn this feat while encumbered by anatomical issues. In response, several options have now become available that allow the trans man to pee freely while standing, adding yet one more element to their transition. It should be noted, however, that not all trans men desire to stand while they pee and you don’t have to master this skill in order to be considered a trans guy. You may start off wanting to do this and decide it’s not that important anymore as your journey continues and you may start off not caring about it only to feel later on this is something you really want to accomplish. Whichever you feel, whatever you want to do, it’s up to you. For those who are interested in learning more about the items available to accomplish this task, I’m going to briefly discuss them here.

Practice Makes Perfect

By the time most people are 2, they’ve already figured out how to pee (although many women would say men never seem to truly master this). You wouldn’t think that you’d have to practice but as a trans guy it’s strongly suggested. There’s the stance, the angle, the way to make it seem like you’ve been doing it your whole life, and managing to not get it all over yourself in the process. Some trans guys can pee while standing without the assistance of a device while others prefer devices to make things neater and easier. Whichever option you go for, practice at home – a lot. You need to angle your hips, but you can’t do it so dramatically that you draw unwanted attention. Do this in the safety and comfort of your own home before heading out. It’s strongly recommended that you don’t do your first few attempts in public.


While it’s unfortunate that this needs to be addressed we want to make sure we are safe while tending to our most basic needs such as relieving our bladders. Due to ridiculous bills and heightened trans-phobia, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Since it is “Man-Code” to not look at another guy’s junk while peeing and you’re not supposed to take a urinal next to a guy if there’s room to use one further away you can usually pee with a penis-looking STP in public with some sense of ease. If the urinals are close together, all occupied, or your STP looks nothing like a penis you could be at risk as we never know who is an ally and who is a threat. Also, consider the quality of the device you’re using – if you have to shift, place, rearrange, or change anything in order to pee this could look really strange to someone else in the bathroom not to mention some devices are awkward or if you don’t have the finesse down just yet you could wind up making a mess or the device falling out. Please keep your safety a top priority.


There are many tutorials available in text or videos that give you many great ideas on how to make an STP. Keep in mind that often times this means utilizing a variety of items that do not look or feel like a penis. Often times, these are not ideal for using out in public unless you’re in a stall as they’re a dead giveaway. Even though men typically don’t look at other guys while peeing a stray glance or something that catches the side-view of our eyes could draw unwanted attention. Simply doing a search for DIY STP will yield a wealth of results, but do use some caution when exploring these options. Commonly a medical spoon is used as it provides a lip at the end that can be used to help angle things correctly while other options include getting one of the cheapest packers (check out my article on Packers) and drilling a hole through it, inserting a tube, and using something like a medical spoon, SheWee, GoGirl, or small funnel. This option gives you a cheap device with a potential of looking enough like a real penis, but it can be awkward to handle. These are, however, great options for the guy just getting started and learning how to stand while peeing before investing in anything too pricey.

Real Basic

The SheWee and the GoGirl are much the same and both work on the basic principle that cis women who are outdoors or in other situations where a bathroom may not be available still need to relieve themselves. They are designed to be no-fuss-no-muss and are made to be just purely functional. As such they’re simple funnel designs. Do note: They are designed and marketed with cis women in mind so when you visit their pages expect this but that doesn’t mean trans guys can’t utilize this device, especially if you’re just learning or are building your own STP. There is the Classic Mr. Fenis which is designed with the trans guy in mind that is also a cheap option. These are great low-cost options that allow you to learn before investing in a multi-function or life-like STP that’s far more expensive.

Mid-Range (Under $100)

TranszWear – A few options are available here and are typically under $100. They are more penis-like and most are designed to be packers and STP or even 3-in-1 devices for a more versatile experience and more all-encompassing feel. The base designs could be troublesome with accurately catching urine and funneling it down the shaft with no dribble. They may require some adjusting or holding in a specific way to help funnel the urine but for the exposed end you could easily “pass” in a bathroom.

Mango (Man-go) – This is a cheap-end packer with a medicine spoon drilled into the core of it. While you could easily DIY for significantly less and with better color options if you’re not creatively inclined then this is an option.

FTM Essential – They offer a variety of manufacturers from low-cost to mid-range options. While they aren’t the designers behind the STPs they are a great hub for STPs and other trans guy needs.

Number One Laboratory – Several options are available in this category. The lower end gives you functionality with some penis like detail while the higher end of the spectrum gives you a great deal of detail and options such as circumcised or uncircumcised. (Alternative buying options)


ReelMagik – Once a gain, a beautifully constructed device with fantastic detail right down to capillaries. This is an adhesive attachment so you can wear it all day including in the shower/pool, and they’ve addressed the common issue of dripping due to the poorly designed base. If you’re not looking for something that will also function for sexual use but will be a realistic penis and STP this is sure to make you one very happy guy, though it comes with a hefty price tag of over $500.

Transthetics – Designed and sold but a highly-active trans guy who understands what we need. First, the Real EZP is designed unlike any other STP in that it cups from below to prevent any dripping. It has an overall real look to it as well and functions without issues. Secondly, one of the only STP or assistive devices for guys who’ve had some bottom surgery such as a metoidioplasty. It’s designed to be incredibly lifelike, adheres easily and naturally, and functions as an STP. Check out the Rod and be sure to watch the video to see how amazingly natural it looks.

Peecock – In the Gen2 models, there was an improvement to stop dripping but it seems they’ve taken the design a step further in improving the Peecock Gen3S for being all-inclusive. One issue with the Gen2 was that if you had the pleasure rod inserted it removed the STP feature since the rod was solid. They’ve made a hollow pleasure rod now and the Peecock is finally a truly 3-in-1 device. You can pack, you can play, and you can pee without any issues or having to take it off to change “settings.” This is among the cheaper high-end STPs available right now, but you don’t give up the quality of design. Another great job with realistic penis design combined with functionality for under $200.

Remember to maintain cleanliness when using these devices. They each require a specific kind of care and maintenance and often will come with their own instructions. Generally, soap and warm water will do the trick but always check with the individual manufacturer to ensure your device is long-lasting. Keep in mind that the more trans-visible we are the more different companies are starting to realize we have specific needs for our daily lives, our sex lives, and in how we want to express ourselves.That, combined with newer technology coming out all the time many of these devices will see changes over time. While the core of the products remains the same, more producers could mean cheaper prices. Always read reviews and take what other guys have to say into consideration, especially since many of them will post video reviews or be happy to share their personal insight. Lastly, don’t get discouraged if you’re finding it a little tricky getting the process down early on. Soon enough you will have it mastered and, even if you don’t, it doesn’t make you less-than. In fact, men sitting down to pee are far more common than you may even think.


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