Melissa Ballard

by Melissa Ballard

He signed an order to rescind the guidelines put in place by the Obama administration that outlined protections that supported our transgender children. The leader of this country just proved what we had been saying since long before he was elected; he and his staff are anti-LGBT, and this will not bode well for the community, especially our children. His supporters claimed he was a “silent” supporter and was not anti-LGBT, and that we should just wait and see, just give him a chance. Thirty-one days into the presidency and he has spent more time and money vacationing in Florida and playing golf, than he has doing anything to help protect the marginalized people of the US.

(Photo: Melissa Ballard)

Last week there were rallies around the state of Texas, opposing actions taken the previous day by the new administration. Members of our local group, DFW Trans Kids and Families, attended one in downtown Dallas along with other local LGBT groups and advocacy organizations. While the overall turnout was not very large, it was nice to see people of all ages, races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds able to come together peacefully in support of the trans youth affected by this action.


While being fearful of the actions taken by ‘45’, we must remain vigilant and keep pressing for equality. This order does not change the Education Act of 1972, where Title IX originates or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from where Title VII originates. A glimmer of hope is the fact that the Supreme Court will hear the case brought by Gavin Grimm against Gloucester ISD. Hope of a ruling in favor of trans rights is keeping many fueled momentarily. Gavin has been placed on a virtual stage as the voice and poster child of the trans community and had done a wonderful job speaking for all who this touches. I would ask you all to show your support of the trans community by posting on all social media platforms and using the hashtag #standwithgavin and encourage this brave 17 year old to stay strong.

(Photo: Melissa Ballard)

We will continue to fight locally and have plans to speak at the Texas Legislature regarding SB 6, SB 242, and HB 651 in the weeks to come. Now is the time to speak out against hate, discrimination, and anti-LGBT policy that will set our country back decades. Stand up and support trans rights because these are really just human rights we all deserve.


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