Melissa Ballard


Melissa Ballard

Our LGBT community lost 49 siblings and 53 more were hurt and traumatized for life. Why? WHY??


I have seen so many pointed fingers in response to the atrocity. Fingers pointing at Muslims, at religious extremists, the current politico at hand, gun enthusiasts and Christians in general. I want to YELL at the people making these comments, to just STOP and I want to wrap my arms around all of the ones hurt and in pain since. I sit here CRYING now as the events have pressed their weight on me and I cannot hold it in any longer. I am a Christian and I love all the LGBT community. My heart hurts and I mourn for those struggling with the loss of their loved one/s after this horrible happening. I am a momma bear and this hurts like it was my own cub!

Beyond this most recent act of senseless violence, the past few weeks have just been hard. My state leaders, in Texas, have shown some of the worst hate for our trans kids and adults. James Dobson has said people should shoot trans people in the bathroom….did you catch that?…..shoot my kid?….for using the bathroom!?!? What do these people think will happen when you say such things??? And the heinous things some have said since Orlando are downright frightening. People in leadership roles need to take the words they speak more seriously because some take those very words as a call to action; an unbelievably horrible call to action. Shame on those who speak in such a manner. And for those that have been awakened to the fears of the LGBT community, speak out and show support. Silence is often mistaken as acceptance or agreement. Don’t be mistaken in your silence! If you can stand up and support even one person, you have a voice! Every heart that is changed is a step in the right direction of equality for ALL.


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