Show Your Pride: Symbols and Flags

Jude Samson

By Jude Samson

We still use symbols to convey some kind of message and we’re inundated with them throughout our daily lives.

When the vast majority of us see this symbol we all know it means to stop (with or without the words on it).

We know that this means poison and most likely imminent death.

We know the symbols for recycling, for bio-hazard, for hospital or medical, for fire, and millions of others. We don’t even think about it most of the time because they’ve become so ingrained as a part of our “normal” lives and most of the time we will understand that knowing these symbols is important to our own personal well-being. Not knowing to stop at a sign, to not drink a poison, and the list goes on ensures our continued existence.

But what if the greater majority of the world started to realize there are so many other symbols out there that “tell” a story or importance. What if those symbols meant the well-being or continued existence of others but society as a whole failed to recognize them? What if we didn’t even know what they all were?

It’s important that society recognizes our symbols as readily as they do so many others because we are a part of society, we are equal to others, and we are valued. The world has come to see the Rainbow as the international symbol for the LGBT community overall but it’s just an umbrella term for a much wider spectrum of sexuality and gender.

As far as the Gender-Spectrum goes we have a great many symbols and color-schemes associated with us to help identity and unify us as a community. First and foremost we need to understand what the symbols and colors (usually depicted as a flag or incorporated into the symbol) stand for and their individual importance so that we can personally recognize those in our community. That way we can continue to build each other up and broadcast our symbols to the world to be seen.

Though there are many flags and symbols that represent the spectrum of gender, here are some of the popular ones:

While no one expects you to remember each and every flag, color scheme, or symbol it is important to realize there’s so many more variations and they continue to grow and diversify.


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