Gathering – A Circle of Friends Through Activism

Melissa Ballard

By Melissa Ballard

I have to say that the changes are definitely for the better. My worldview has been broadened and my circle of friends has grown! The new circle is also a breath of fresh air amongst so many negatives aspects we faced in the beginning. We have been able to introduce our family to so many great people we might have never crossed paths with on our journey prior to him realizing he was trans. I have met (not only, but also on the internet anyway) so many loving caring people that honestly share in our joys and our sorrows, all because of a single bond….being in the LGBT community.


In the trans community I have become friends with so many mothers of trans children, both in person and online. We all try to support each other and help each other if at all possible. I see strangers sharing their personal stories, and even working together to share funds when needed and feeling lead to. We share major life events and try to pass on learned knowledge to help those newer in their journey. We also freely share items we no longer need, that brand new, may be too expensive for some to afford. It truly is like having extended family!

This past Wednesday some local friends and I met up with another mother from a different state; we all have transgender children. We have bonded via Facebook, and have been given a chance to meet in person. We have all become activists for our children and publicly stand up for them and our trans community. Amazingly, it feels like meeting up with an old friend! I strongly suggest to anyone needing to connect, to find a group locally if possible, but of not you can find it on the Internet! And maybe, if you are lucky like we have been, you will make a friend you will get to meet one day in person.


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