Ballard Family
Ballard Family

Melissa Ballard

By Melissa Ballard

To help fight the misinformation put out into the world regarding transgender people as well as the horrible discriminatory legislation against the LGBT community in the state of Texas. This video shares some of the struggles we have dealt with in our own family. Hopefully by sharing it with others, we will help more people realize that transgender people are no different from anyone else. Every LGBT person I have met just wants to live their life authentically without judgment and hate.

Please watch and share this video if you feel led to do so. Our family decided being public was not only necessary, but freeing as well. Too many transgender people are depressed, suicidal, and feel they have nowhere to turn, but we are here for them!

Our upcoming legislative session is about to begin in Texas and it will be difficult but we will not stop fighting for all of our trans family! We have to fight against the discrimination and work towards equality and protections for all of the LGBT community


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