As I embarked down the path of my transition, one of many spots in need of enhancement was my chest. Being well un-endowed, there was an absence of mamma, creating a not so feminine silhouette. So I worked my way up the ladder of trials with ubiquitous rolled up socks, boxes of tissue, and the oft tried -and oft failed- water balloon experiment. I didn’t conceive of attempting the bird seed con, but have heard it works rather well. Using my rudimentary special effects make-up skills, I gave the latex breast form a whirl, and didn’t like the way they looked…or smelled! Finally, I gave in and purchased silicone breast forms.

I went in blind to the whole experience. I knew I wanted to look ‘natural’, not the flamboyant outré look of my only introduction to crossdressers on shows like Jerry Springer. My goal was to create a feminine look, best suited to my body shape. My skittish endeavor would take me across the landscape of sizes and shapes and colors.


Buying a car would have been easier, I thought. I had no idea the complexity of breast forms. The patient woman exuberantly educated me on all of it. Crash course as it were. From here I took her sage advice and guidance to help create a psuedo-female cup size right for me. What I learned got me through three pairs of falsies, before I than had my augmentation surgery.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical are the two standard classifications for breast forms.

Symmetrical breasts are of the round, oval, tear drop and triangle shape. These forms add appropriate curves and drape to the body. More aligned with natal female mammaries. Depending on the look you are going for, will determine the better of the shapes to own.

oval silicone breast forms

tear drop silicone breast forms

triangle silicone breast forms


Asymmetrical breast forms are more amoebic in shape. I believe these asymmetrical forms are more of a necessity for woman who have had mastectomies, though my knowledge in that area is admittedly lacking. I never had the opportunity to try these shapes, as my ideal shape happened to be the tear drop, when I was in the market.

What your intentions are when wearing them? For instance, triangle shaped lend better for topless adventurers while the round tend toward a fuller, fully clothed look.

You also have the choice to slip them into your bra when you want to wear them, or adhere them to your chest for extended, semi-permanent wear. Slipping them in limits your activities, as they will shift around. I recommend an underwire bra if this is your ilk. The underwire helps keep the form from slipping out and sliding on down to your waist. Embarrassing.

There are a couple of ways to adhere the breast forms. My preferred method was to use Hollister medical adhesive model #7730. I am very active and this adhesive held fast from between 2 – 5 days, depending on the level of activity I was doing. Read: perspiring. Less permanent methods are double sided tape and spirit gum.

Each adhesion technique has an equally removal technique involving specific solvents. Spirit gum is the movie industry substance for SFX make-up and has similar spirt gum remover. Tape method uses typically rubbing alcohol pads, or tape removal pads. And medical adhesive uses Adapt # 7737 medical adhesive remover by Hollister or #7731, Hollister medical adhesive remover.

*before trying any adhesive or remover test your skin(site of adhesion) for reaction*


By far the most realistic looking and feeling are the silicone type of breast forms. These move like natural breasts, and feel just as realistic. These also, absorb your natural body heat and warm up. Other materials can be foam, which is lighter, but doesn’t move or feel like natural breasts at all. Latex is an alternate substance but the limitations are people have an allergy or skin sensitivity to latex, it can break down with solvents and tends to have an odor(think latex gloves). There is the do-it-yourself trick of bird seed either in a balloon or inserted into a double lined bra.

  • make a small slit in the seam at the top, close to the bra strap
  • take a funnel and pour bird seed into the cavity between the two linings of the bra cup
  • when the desired size is reached, sew the seam closed

Breast forms can be a combination of fun and frustration. Fun in that you can try out different sizes and shapes, in preparation for your (inevitable?) breast augmentation surgery. Frustrating because, they are not permanent and are subject to shifting and having the adhesive break the bond when out for a 5k jog and one of them keeps sliding down. Yep, that happened.

Breast forms were developed for women who have had mastectomies Those shops may be of assistance to you, but I cannot attest to that. If you can find a shop that caters to the transgender community or to crossdressers, they will have broad options to try and find your desired size and shape. You don’t necessarily have to purchase them there, unless they have a specific policy, best to ask up front. Another possible shop to try for breast forms would be one that caters or specializes in COSplay.

Here are some online sellers to start you along:

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