Being Validated in the Workplace

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Crystal Matthews

I count myself pretty lucky when it comes to my job... I enjoy what I do, I get along great with my team, and most importantly, my company is extremely supportive of the LGBT community.

I've always known that my company was very vocal in their support of LGBT, they are a major sponsor of several pride events and this past June, when the Transgender Resource Center of Long Island, (a group with whom I'm very active in) started a new pride event, they were quick to approve funding with a nice grant. 

Internally, they remain active keeping employees informed on what's going on in the world. Our company maintains their own social media site for employees across the country to interact with each other. We have pages of all sorts and I frequently participate in pages about topics ranging from the WWE to the Walking Dead and several pages regarding Transgender life.

With the recent midterm elections, my employers took a major stand and did something they don't usually do, they got involved in politics when they spoke up in support of Massachusetts Proposition 3, which upheld an Anti-Discrimination law against transgender residents. 


Then just last week, another major change came. Our human resources site recently underwent a major remodel and when I logged on to the new site for the first time, I was brought to a page to confirm my personal information. The first line asked for my gender, and I was shocked when I saw more than two options. I had the choice between the "standard" male or female, but then also had the options of transman, transwoman, two-spirit, non-binary and even the option to not disclose.

Next, the option was given to provide a preferred name. I was excited to enter my preference, the single letter C. I submitted my profile updates and went about my day. I had almost forgotten about it all until a few days later when I had to place a call to one of our back office departments. 

Every such phone call always starts the same way, I introduce myself with my given name and location, the support agent logs into a people finder site and asks for my location, user ID and manager’s name. This time however, something new happened as my identity was confirmed, the Agent saw my profile and confirmed that my preferred name was C and throughout our call, I was consistently referred to by my initial. It was one of the coolest experiences I've had in 2 years with my company. 

I've been C to my friends for almost 5 months, but to have a colleague, especially one I didn't know personally, so easily address me by this chosen moniker made me feel like I really mattered. And ultimately, is there any better of a feeling to get while at work?

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Hi C , it's Maddie , been reading your posts for a while now . I was kinda surprised when I found you here , anyway I am happy for you and Kat , feel free to email me so we can chat more in private . Hugs , Maddie

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C Matthews
C Matthews


Thank you for the support Maddie. <3


You are quite welcome , when you left cdh , I wondered what had happened to you and kat I am glad to see you are doing well I am sure that you can get my e mail address from some of the higher ups if you ask I would love to chat with you guys sometime anyway HUGS , Maddie


Transgender is nothing more than homosexuality, a person who born a boy is a boy, a person born a girl is a girl there is no 3rd gender. All transgender is, is a darker side of homosexuality it’s all SIN. Sin always has downward sparrow and gets darker and darker has the person continues in this lifestyle of lusting to change what God has created. Isaiah 5:20 woe unto them who calls evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Leviticus 18:22 thou shall not lie with man as with woman it is an abomination unto the Lord. Transgender/homosexuality is SIN and it is wrong. It is one of the highest forms of rebellion against God. The reason that those who live this lifestyle feel oppressed is because this is what sin does it weighs a person down to the point of dark feelings, Satan uses it to deceive them even further and they think suicide is the only way out. There is a God in Heaven and his son is Jesus Christ who is able to save forgive and deliver from the bondage of homosexuality. Each person is going to give an account of their lives at judgement and judgement is coming and no one will escape it. God makes it very clear of the outcome for those who reject Jesus Christ and that outcome is eternity in HELL. For all you out there that Satan has deceived Jesus can give you peace, God does not make mistakes, I know men who have changed their sex by going through the surgeries and then they got saved and after it’s done you can only change back so much so please don’t do this to yourselves. Transgender is another way of Satan trying to still kill and destroy your lives because he knows once you have died without Christ your going to Hell believe it or not there some people who do not care about your soul they only care about what the world thinks. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality and his judgement is coming again. Stop listening to these lies that Satan minions are telling you. It won’t make you happy it’s all a lie Bruce Jenner might smile in front of a camera but the man is miserable because he walk away from God. Turn to Jesus Christ call on him, because Hell is real heaven is real, the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ and him crucified.

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