NC Bribery Case Debunks Citizens United Logic of Uncorruptability

Former GOP congressman funneled bribes to independent expenditure committee, which the Supreme Court says can't corrupt

Federal prosecutors have charged former Republican Congressman Robin Hayes with bribery in a scheme to get favorable treatment for a client by the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner.

Hayes allegedly funnelled $250,000 to a campaign to re-elect Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey in exchange for policy favors including the removal of a Deputy Insurance Commissioner.

Part of the scheme involved setting up an independent expenditure committee, which a majority of Supreme Court members ruled were legally impossible to corrupt public officials in the infamous Citizens United v FEC case.

“The allegations, if proven, would undermine Justice Kennedy’s rationale in Citizens United, where he held that independent expenditures by their very nature cannot be corrupting,” said Brett Kappel, a lawyer who specializes in campaign finance cases.