Wineberries: Wild-Growing, Invasive, Red Raspberries [PHOTOS]

Paul Hair

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Wineberries are an invasive species that grow heartily near where I recently was. But these red raspberries are tasty enough that I risked scratches, bee stings, poison ivy, and more to forage for them. (DISCLAIMER: If you choose to forage, you do so at your own risk.)

Here are three photos of what I went after (the photo below showing them on the cane) and what I retrieved (at top and below). By the way, while I risked the dangers mentioned in the first paragraph, I didn’t actually become a casualty to any of them. So that’s good.

Wineberries on the cane.© Paul Hair, 2020.

Close-up view of wineberries.© Paul Hair, 2020.

All Images: © Paul Hair, 2020.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


I love those! Great pics man!!