What's Twisting My Nuts, THIS Week! December 16, 2018.

Michael Loftus

It's been a helluva week, so this one may be on the light side. But I make the rules, so screw it. Let's go!

"Calls to Action:"

Maybe it's the phrase "Call to action." Sounds like you're getting an army ready for battle. CALL TO ACTION! It just seems silly and self important. Blah.

I've been stumbling across "Call To ACTION!" for the past couple of weeks. Been doing research on how to grow your website. TheLoftusParty.com is my first endeavor online. Never done anything like it before, and of course I want it to be successful and fun. Legit. If this stops being fun? I'm out. Anyway, all the "Experts" say I gotta do a "call to action" so people know what to do. It sounds nutty, but what do I know? I've NEVER done this before! HA! So here's what's up:

This site was designed with YOU in mind. Your participation. I know you gotta sign in and that's a fucking drag, but oh well. It's kinda the way things work now. Couldn't be helped. Here's the upside. YOU get a say in what happens! Just sign in, and YOU can start doing stuff! Got a cool piece of music? You can post it! A small business or charity you want people to know about? Boom! Post that shit on our "Pimp It" page! You can post (almost) anything! News, opinion... dating tips and sex tricks! HA! So That's the "call to action" (I feel like such a dick).

Jump in. Leave comments. Let us know about some cool shit you got going on. Or something you think should be on our radar. Just don't be an asshole, and have fun. That's all we ask. All we want to do is build a little community of like minded individual. People who are still excited about Life, Liberty and the pursuit of some serious HAPPINESS!

Whatever get's you going? Let's GO! Booze, food, vacation spots, WHATEVER YOU WANT! HAHAHAHA! Lets see where this fucker goes!


As of tomorrow, December 17 in the year of our lord 2018, Tumblr will no longer allow "adult content." No more nudity. Not even a NIPPLE! I'm so pissed.

I literally JUST got my Tumblr account all squared away! I was following some good people! (Not ALL porn BTW.) There were some really talented photographers that won't be able to show their best stuff now. Not sure if they will stay after the "porn purge" but there's an account ("Dark Photographs") that I really enjoy. Black and white photos, super moody. Landscapes, cityscapes, amazing stuff. And yes...the occasional (gasp) nude!

It's just too bad that while I can see Tumblr not wanting to be a porn site, it's going to affect actual artists.

And I'll say this too! Who cares if there's porn on Tumblr? It doesn't just pop up out of nowhere! You have to actively go looking for it! (Trust me, if you want the good stuff...you have to go looking. Wink!) You're not going to be reading a blog about model train collectors and suddenly be forced to watch a Roman orgy. It's like TV. You control the content.

Oh well, I don't know where all the edgy artists will land, but I hope they let me know.

The Lack of Coverage when Trump Does Good Stuff:

This week, buried in all the coverage of payments to playboy bunnies, was a really big story. Trump signed an Executive Order about Opportunity Zones. Long story short: It will now be MUCH easier for "Distressed Communities" to get money.

Investments. Capitol. There is a HUGE tax incentive to make these shitty neighborhoods better! The people who live there now have a better chance to improve their lives! Small businesses can get started! Bad neighborhoods can turn it around! It's insanely exciting!

About a year ago I had Michael Steele (former head of Republican Party) on The Loftus Party podcast, and we were both agreeing that the solution for "distressed communities" was making it easier for capitalism to start. Make investing easier. Get some start-ups started. That's what Trump did.

The Federal Government isn't going to be backing up trucks of cash. It's mostly tax incentives to get the cash flow started. Let people who live in these communities get involved in the American Dream! I love it. It's not going to cost me a nickel and hopefully it'll do some good. Some actual "solve the problem" good!

Why wouldn't the news cover that? (Rhetorical)

That's all for now.

Love ya, M.

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I think it is a great idea to have your fan share content on here. I had to re-read the part about can share "almost anything" so I guess hentai would probably be off limits. Just kidding but seriously I know a link to an adult anime spoof of Star Wars that I use to have on DVD if anyone is interested. The reason the media can't seem to share anything good about Trump is their suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome. And they still have butt hurt that Hilary didn't win the election so they have to resort to saying he paid these women off with campaign funds which if those cunts would realize the man has a lot of his own money he wouldn't need to use campaign funds. Of course these are same people that aren't too concerned about congress payouts over sexual harassment. Where is their outrage over that?

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Hallo! I agree about congressional payouts. Outrageous! And I’d totally dig that link to Star Wars spoof! I love that stuff! 🤓

Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


I watched a bit of the Star Wars spoof. Fantastic!! Thanks for the link! You're the best!