What’s the ‘Most GenX Thing Ever?’ A Twitter User May Have Found It.

Paul Hair

On Jan. 19, Twitter user Brad King tweeted an image of a graphic that aired on CBSN (which, apparently, is a streaming version of CBS News). King captioned the image, “The most GenX thing ever.” So what was in the graphic? A list of generations with Gen X completely absent from it. (HT to Twitter user @Recursion_Agent for RT-ing the tweet across my timeline.)

Silent Generation? Check.

Baby Boomers? Check (of course).

Millennials? Check (again, of course).

Post-Millennials / Gen Z? Check.

So what happened between 1965 and 1980? Nothing important when it comes to births.

As far as I can tell, this is a real CBSN image. But I am not angry about it.

In fact, I had a good laugh at it (or at least an internal smile). I’m Generation X, and being overlooked is one of the defining qualities of our generation. (And I’m okay with that—apart from the issues I’ve previously addressed.)