What's Got Me Fired Up THIS Week! January 27, 2019.

Michael Loftus

Here we go. No preamble. Jumping in.

Elizabeth Warren & Dan Snyder's Yacht:

Elizabeth Warren want's me to be jealous of Dan Snyder, because he's rich and just bought a yacht.

It's a classic liberal tactic: Try to make one class of people angry at another class. Divide and conquer.

Here's the problem with Warren's plan: People aren't idiots. They know why Dan Snyder has a yacht; its cause he's rich. He also has a football team. He employs a shit ton of people and probably pays a boatload of taxes. So WHAT if he has a Mega-Yacht? I want one too!

How many people does that yacht employ? How many people have jobs because he bought that big ass thing? You dig?

Ol' Pocahontas needs to learn a new trick. How about instead of trying to encourage class envy/hatred, how about you find me some good old fashioned government waste? That's the big issue with me.

It's not that rich people have nicer shit than me. It's the government is wasting my money. We collect plenty of tax dollars already and you dumbasses spend too much and get crappy results. Wanna impress me Elizabeth? Spend less money.

FBI Raid on Roger Stone's House:

If this weren't happening in America it'd be funny as all hell. But it IS happening here, so it's scary.

The FBI decided to put on a show for CNN the other day when they went to get Roger Stone and search his house. If you saw the footage on CNN you could tell it was a total farce. It was a small army attacking a home in Florida. If you didn't know better, you would swear you were watching a predawn raid on a major drug dealers safe house. It's ROGER STONE!!

I very much doubt he's any threat to come leaping out of the second story window with both hands full of Uzis, just mowing down anything his path. This isn't El Chappo or Deadpool...it's the dude on Tucker Carlson and Info Wars.

It was mind-bogglingly over the top in terms of force used. What we witnessed was a show. A show put on by the FBI for all the reporters from CNN. Making sure CNN had super dramatic footage to run around the clock. THAT'S the scary part. The FBI and CNN working in concert to try to sway the opinion of the casual news watcher.

That the FBI actually did this; that they would put on such a spectacle for CNN is really, really troubling. I don't remember ANY dramatic footage of police raids on ANY Democrat. Maybe I'm wrong. If so, let me know in the comments below.

Originally I wanted to close this week's piece with "Things we need to support" but I'm in total bitch mode right now and it doesn't seem to fit tonally. I'll write a separate piece this week about people who are doing cool stuff that we should help. For now? Lets close it out with more complaining. HA!

How Can ANYBODY Take Bernie Sanders Seriously?

This isn't the first time I've said this and it's really chapping my ass. Bernie Sanders is a complete and total moron. A high functioning idiot. The dude has never had a full time job in the private sector. He has been sucking on the teat of big Government for years. That's it. ALL of his policy ideas are a total and complete joke.

A few years ago he was praising Venezuela as the shining example of how a country should be run. Beyond pitching his high school parking lot school of socialism to large groups of debt ridden college kids, what has he EVER done? Nothing! Zero. Zilch!

That he even has a career in politics after all these years should be a huge warning sign that public schools in Vermont suck ass. Do they not read? Do they not follow the actions of their elected officials? Bernie has done NOTHING! I wouldn't trust him to be a busboy at the Olive Garden let alone represent an entire State.

Vermont, America, wake up! This guy's an absolute joke!

That felt good.

Thanks everybody.

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