What's Chapping My Ass THIS Week! Sometimes? It's Good!

Michael Loftus

Maybe "Chapping My Ass" isn't the best name for this week's column. Might have to revisit the whole idea. I like bitching about stuff but I don't wanna be a fountain of negativity. Especially when so much good stuff is happening!

The Deplorables Tour:

The Deplorables Tour is about to start! A lot of hard work is about to pay off. I'm amazed.

Myself and a couple of good friends started kicking this idea around months and months ago and it's real! If you've ever felt that there weren't enough entertainment options for those of us "on the Right" then this is the show for you!

I'll post clips from our first 2 shows as soon as I can. It was a really good time. We went to Dallas and Houston a while back to see what the response would be like, and it was HUGE! We knew right away we needed to find bigger venues. And we did! Some places said no. (That's a whole other story. Will have updates on that too.) But plenty said yes. So here we go!

The first official date is January 23 in Brea, CA. We'd love to see all of Southern Cali come out for this show! Then we start hitting the rest of the U.S. For a complete list of dates and tickets check out DeplorableShow.com.

BulletPoints with Michael Loftus and Judd Dunning:

My new side hustle has me pretty jazzed too! "BulletPoints with Michael Loftus and Judd Dunning" is gonna be a madcap speed round look at the top stories in Politics and Pop Culture.

We've given ourselves 2 minutes per topic, so it really moves and is a TON of fun! We just posted the first episode and we'd love your feedback!

New People on the Website!

This whole thing is a giant experiment and you're all encouraged to jump in! And people ARE!! Posting YouTube vids and awesome recipes without the bullshitty preambles! It's fantastic! Everyone is welcome!

I'm thrilled with this wacky website growing in whatever direction it decides to go! You all are amazing and I thank you!