What's Chapping My Ass this Week! December 9, 2018.

Tumblr Bans Nudity:

Starting December 17th there's no more naked pics on Tumblr. They wont allow it. If it's got genitals or girl nipples? It's gone. And so are a bunch of Tumblr users. Including myself.

Everything that will be left on the site I can get somewhere else. If I want to read someone's thoughts or feelings and see their wacky family photos, I'll just stay on Facebook. Or a bunch of other social media sites like Instagram, etc.

What made Tumblr unique was the NSFW content. Sure you could see lots of cool artwork, photography and read blogs. But...you could also peruse some serious hot, adult-only content. It was fantastic!

Like any site there was a bunch of garbage, but there was also some very, very good stuff! Why would you mess that up? Maybe it's cause it's owned by Verizon. Lord knows NOBODY has use a Verizon product to send or look at nude pics. HA! Oh well, I'm sure there will be a new site to pop up and fill the gap (pun not intended, but I'll take it) and when it does, you make sure to let me know.

American Airlines Menu:

I know how it sounds, but what have they done to airline food at American Airlines? It's a mess.

I haven't flown American in a long time. A LOOOOOONG time. They cancel too many flights, have too many routes, blah, blah, blah. I gave up on them ages ago. However last week I was in a jam and found myself stuck. A ticket was purchased from NYC to LAX on American. What can ya do? Granted, I was a moron and didn't buy a $20 dollar burger at the airport. American was going to have snacks available on the plane. That's where shit went off the rails.

I got in my seat, looked at the menu and thought I was being Punk'd. It was like reading the menu of a crappy French bistro in the Middle East.

Hummus and Pesto plate with carrot stick. Are you fucking kidding me? I like Hummus. But why fuck it up with Pesto? Who does that?

Then I took a peek at the sandwich. Holy donkey balls! How do you fuck up a sandwich? Bread, meat, cheese. No brainer. Well, let me introduce you to "The Gruben." It's Turkey and Manchengo cheese. (WTF IS Manchengo cheese? I don't wanna learn a new cheese. I'm hungry. Gimme something I know!) Now throw on some slaw and some Feta spread (I know what Feta is. I like it. What in the hell is Feta spread?!) and you've got a Gruben! Hard pass on the Gruben.

The rest of the menu is very similar. They've taken something simple and wonderfully and fucked it up.

I was offered a roast beef wrap that was just a train wreck. Roast beef, slaw (enough with the fucking slaw) wrapped in a pita with a mysterious slime sauce that smelled faintly of old feet. A roast beef wrap shouldn't leak or drip anything in my opinion.

I understand that an airline would like to look cosmopolitan and chic. But maybe dedicate ONE item on your restaurant in the sky to old school American? Turkey and swiss? Little mustard? Let's not reinvent the wheel. This isn't Air France. It's American Airlines.

I survived on stale pretzels and Biscoff cookies. If you're flying American in the near future? You have been warned.

Lack of Coverage of the Riots in France by the Media in the States.

There's a ton of pissed off people in France and they are not being shy about it. Paris is burning and you hardly hear a peep about it on CNN or any other outlets.

Lot's of people say it's about Gas taxes or Anti-Globalism or the French people not digging Macron's leadership. I'm not sure. I have my theories, but I'm not gonna get into it here. It's a BIG story and our media isn't covering it in a way that would suggest they are concerned. Maybe they don't want us to be concerned. It's very strange.

This is why more and more people are being turned off by mainstream media. They only seem to want to cover the stories that support their point of view. That's not news. That's propaganda. If you omit stories, that's up there with lying, in my opinion. The French are mad. WHY? I would like to know. I feel one of our closest allies setting their capital on fire might be a tad more important than what Trump had for lunch. Just sayin'.

Some of the coolest coverage I've seen is on THIS WEBSITE! Paul Hair posted an awesome article about Paris a couple days ago, and I hope he has more planned! It's one of the coolest things we've ever had! So step up, MSM. You're getting lapped by TheLoftusParty.com.