Vagina beer. Yup. Now you can buy Vagina Beer

Polish company makes beer that includes Vaginal Lactic Acid

Yes, you read the Headline correctly. Some dude in Poland has a beer co. (The Order of the Yoni. Pretty sure you can figure out what a "Yoni" is) And he's trying to make Vagina beer a thing. I guess he's partially succeeded, cause here I am, like an idiot, writing about it. Sadly, I think this little blog will be as far as it goes. Cause this piece isn't so much about the beer as it is about this question: WHO DOES THIS?

I'm rarely surprised at what people's dreams are. Everybody has a dream, right? ( If you don't have a dream? I highly recommend you get one. At least think about it. Could lead to some really good times) Well, not to sound to judgey, but some moron in Poland, Wojtek Mann had one too... Vagina Beer! And that dumb bastard made it happen!

I find the whole idea insanely funny. This guy thinks that pussy beer is his ticket to the big time! Ol' Wojtek has been trying to raise money to fund his ambitious project for a couple years! He always comes up short, but God bless him, he didn't give up. How do you even START to ask people for money so you can make Vag Ale? How does that investor meeting go? "And the best part, should you invest, is that the beer would be made from Vaginal Lactic Acid." "Wait... Did you just say Vaginal lactic acid'? "I did. that's the best part" (angry glares from investors) "Good day, sir" …"But." "I SAID GOOD DAY!" (Door slams)

But like I said, Wojtek didn't give up. Dude actual found funding. 150,000 Euros. From one investor, who wants to remain anonymous, I wonder why? Hopefully he's super rich and has Euros to burn. I'd hate to think its some hard working electrician who just blew his life savings on "Camel Toe Pale Ale". How do you explain THAT to your wife? "Honey, I'm sorry. It seemed like a Slam Dunk. Please stop crying."

I wish these two entrepreneurs the best of luck. Just not sure if "Bearded Clam Bavarian brew" is gonna be the answer to all your prayers. However, I will give them credit. They did it. My man had a dream and he chased that shit down and made it a reality! And that's no small feat. Congrats. (Personally, I think ya screwed up. Bigly.) But, let's raise a glass of "Fish Whistle Lager" to celebrate the dreamer in all of us.

(If anyone should actually try Vagina beer, we'd love to know your thoughts. Please. Someone needs to do this, and it's not gonna be me. Ha!)

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