Two Fast Food Companies Using Twitter Right

Lisa Tate

Twitter and Fast Food have something in common: too much of either is not particularly good for you.

Yet there are a couple of instances where, when these two things have come together, good things happen. At least fast food biggies out there have been using Twitter right, but in very different ways.

Since at least 2016, Arby’s has shown off some extremely creative and often gamer-friendly upcycled artwork using their cardboard packaging, as well as a #MakeMySandwich portrait campaign with ingredients from their menu items. They have also helped promote events like Games Done Quick charity video game marathons with “speed builds” by various artists. Some impressive work inspired by the game-cum-Netflix series Castlevania is among their latest posts, but check out their Nightmare from SoulCaliber they did for the gaming tournament Evo last year:

If there’s any Twitter account to tempt you to play with your food, it’s Arby’s:

While Arby’s has been sharing images of people in roast beef, it’s flat out roasting them…and it's hilarious.

On Jan. 4, what Wendy’s calls #NationalRoastDay, those who challenge the Wendy’s Twitter account to have a go at them are rewarded with some top shelf insults…all in good fun. It started in 2017 from a "rap battle" over chicken nuggets, and took off from there. This includes some "everyday folk," and other corporate types from Butterfinger to Ode-Ida.

My favorite was when Mr. Peanut asked them for a roast, and their response was, “Congratulations on being the worst part of trail mix.”

It appears that sweet little Anne of Green Gables-looking redhead has a wickedly fun…and mean sense of humor. There's so many to choose from (from this year and last), but here's a couple of delightful burns:

This demonstrated to me there are still people out there who can laugh at themselves and take some good-natured (but harsh) ribbing. It also proves comedy is still one of the best marketing tools around.

I got on Twitter for three main reasons: to promote my own work, to find and share art, music, books, and other creative things I run across (hence my #MakeThings, #Draw, #Write and #WeAreTheMusicMakers retweets), and to laugh.

It’s weird that some Twitter feeds offered by those who are known for their beef and burgers have figured out this is the reason many of us are on this forum in the first place.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Hilarious and awesome all at the same time! And just FYI: Put Totoro on anything and I'll buy it. just sayin.