Totally Random Information and Completely Well Thought Out Opinions


Totally Random Information and Completely Well Thought Out Opinions

My wonderful and caring parents paid big money for me to get an education, and I never really put all of it to good use outside of the workplace. Whether in the classroom or from various resources, I have learned and have, had, opinions on some of the most useless information over the course of my years on earth. The gathering of this information and the experiences that have helped me to develop my thought process is a really, really, great story. I am on a mission to show the world all the useless knowledge and thoughts I share are at least well thought out.

The corona virus is being used by the Democrats and some Republicans as a political weapon. Although the virus is not being what it's made to be by the mainstream media, the virus still needs to run its course.

As an ex-tobacco chewer, Monster Trail Mix is absolutely delightful when you sit down at the computer to write your column. Plus, it is a lot healthier than chewing tobacco.

I have something to say to my fellow man. Why are you sending inappropriate pictures to women on Facebook? What the hell is wrong with all of you? Just what a woman wants, a copy of your ****** via email when they're going through their Facebook when they get to work. Pretty damn creepy if you ask me.

Speaking of nuts, the cashew is definitely underappreciated and also in my trail mix. (no these nuts jokes here)

Can we please stop with "everybody's racist" talk? It is so sickening already.

Did anyone see the hockey coach of a 12-year-old-team in Massachusetts get in a fight with the referee? Why do parents live vicariously through their children? I played professional athletics, was paid pretty good too, but I have not, one time, in my life acted like an idiot at one of my children's games. Yes, my children are better than most, but the last thing I'm worried about is scholarships and the pros, where less than 1% of 1% make it to the National Hockey League. Let the children enjoy the game, play with their friends, and allow laughs and giggles and good clean fun. I do nothing but clap at my children's games, you don't run your mouth when your children are 10 and 9 or any age for that matter.

If I was stuck on a cruise ship for two weeks with a significant other, where they bring food to your room, last thing I would be doing is complaining. You mean to tell me you can't get jiggy with it for two weeks.

John Brennan is today's real life J Edgar Hoover.

The journalists and politicians endorsing Joe Biden without giving one thought about his cognitive abilities are being hypocritical. President Trump was mercilessly accused of his cognitive abilities slipping by the same people now supporting ex-Vice President Biden.

Corona beer sales are down 38% because of the corona virus. Just reporting the facts.

I have the Fox News alert button on my phone. When it goes off, my stomach sinks for a minute, but when I find out the alert was because a celebrity dog has gone missing, it really drives me to drink and I am a Mormon.

When they cancelled the Ivy League basketball tournament, I have finally thrown in the towel and, I must say, the Ivy leagues will never be anything but a bastion of progressivism.

The Resident is one television show worth investing your time.

Does anyone have a My Pillow? I have seen this commercial over and over and over again. They have to be making money to afford all these commercials. I would really appreciate someone to give me a review of the pillow.

The movie ‘The Hunt’ is a travesty

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


I dig the random thoughts! Keep em coming! Nice job, man!