Toilet Paper and Guns! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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This is super healthy. When American saw possible storm clouds on the horizon, we ran out and bought mass quantities of TP and guns! Fantastic! This means we want to be able to both wipe our crap and protect our crap! HA!

It also shows a healthy distrust in Big Government. IF Big Brother should fail? We can always rely on ourselves. That's what the surge in gun sales means to me. Sure, we'll all be patient and play along...however it's always good to have insurance. Ya feel me?

Now if you are one of the many, many new gun owners, learn how to use that thing. Keep it under lock and key. When this all blows over, go the range. Learn. Take gun safety classes. All of the things that responsible gun owners do. You'll be glad ya did!

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


My father grew up using an outhouse. The Sears Catalog was commonly used as TP; people did not care for using the glossy pages of the Catalog.